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Accredited IT School

Accreditation & Endorsements

Why are these endorsements and accreditation important to you?

They tell you that Carolina Career College is an IT training center that invests in your future and embodies high standards of quality and credibility in all courses we provide. As an accredited IT school, we have the standards in place to ensure you receive the training you need to be successful in your IT career.

ACCET Accreditation

ACCET (Accrediting Council for Continuing Education & Training) is a national organization dedicated to improving continuing education and training throughout the country.

Recognized by the U.S. Department of Education as a “reliable authority,” ACCET accreditation signifies a stern commitment to excellence and history of success. When you receive IT training from an ACCET-accredited institution like Carolina Career College, you can expect that standard of quality and passion from your instructors and from your IT career.

Better Business Bureau (BBB)

BBB accreditation is a stamp of approval from one of the most trusted accrediting organizations in the country. It sets nationwide standards for ethical business practices and helps consumers identify credible, trustworthy businesses.

Carolina Career College is a BBB-accredited business with an A+ rating, so you can rest assured knowing that an education from us is one that will start your career on the right path. We’ve also been named a BBB “Ethics Minded Business” for 2016-2017.

ESPN’s Mike and Mike

Mike and Mike ESPN logo

Mike Greenberg and Mike Golic are heard on ESPN Radio each morning, as they have for over 15 years.  Much like Mike and Mike, the team at Carolina Career College has also been around for over 15 years serving the community.  Listen as Mike and Mike discuss the reasons why you can trust Carolina Career College with your career transition to Information Technology.

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