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Career Services

Carolina Career College offers LIFETIME Career Services for all students!  This includes resume writing, interview coaching and career placement assistance for life.

Why does our Career Services team get mentioned by so many successful students and graduates? Because they’re the ones who help get your IT career started.

At Carolina Career College, Career Services isn’t just a department, it’s part of every IT training program‘s curriculum!

You’ll learn how to write a resume. We’ll teach you interviewing skills, that include what to wear to what to expect. We’ll even take you through mock interviews to make sure you’re prepared for the real thing. You’ll also have access to our student-exclusive on-campus career fairs.  Most importantly, these services have led to many of our students finding work in the IT field before they ever finish training with us!

Our Career Services Include:

  • Mentoring and Professional Career Coaching
  • Career Skills Assessment
  • Resume Development and Distribution
  • Cover Letter Creation
  • Exclusive Career Fairs and Career Placement Assistance
  • Career Advancement Assistance

What Our Students are Saying about Career Services

Nick“It was only a few months after I started here that I got my A+ certification, and within a week or two, I got my first interview. About two weeks after that, I was offered the job. It was a pretty awesome experience.

I don’t think that job is something I could have landed without the help of Career Services.

Life is amazing, it really is. And it’s only going to keep getting better.” – Nick Schwab

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