Cover Letter Creation

A strong resume can help you stand out among other candidates when you’re applying for a job, but a cover letter is your chance to showcase your personality with your application.

Truthfully, a well-written cover letter can be the difference between whether or not you’re invited for an interview. A well-crafted cover letter should introduce yourself in a memorable, personal way and encourage the person reading it to read your resume.

While your resume is focused on facts and experience, a cover letter is meant to convey more personality and express who you are as a person and employee. There is no “official format” for a cover letter, and your cover letter should be written uniquely for each application.

Unsure about where to begin when it comes to crafting the perfect cover letter?

Career Services is here to help!

One of our on-site professionals will take the time to sit down with you to develop a strong cover letter to submit along with your resume when you prepare to apply for a job. We will help guide you on what to include and how to demonstrate your skills and experiences in a way that will help you get noticed by hiring managers.

We want our students to thrive and our Career Services team helps you do just that. As a Carolina Career College student, you are offered LIFETIME access to our Career Services, regardless of where you are at in your career.

Hear from one of our former students, Nick, who took advantage of our Career Services as he transitioned to a new career:

“It was only a few months after I started here that I got the first job interview. I got my A+ certification and got access to Career Services, and within a week or two I got my first interview. About two weeks after that, I was offered the job. It was a pretty awesome experience. I don’t think that is something that, at least initially, I could have landed without the help of Career Services.”

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