Exclusive Career Fairs and Career Placement Assistance

Having a detailed resume and a perfect cover letter in hand can only get you so far. It’s critical to also identify employment opportunities that are a good fit for your skillset where you can work to achieve your career goals.

While the Internet has made searching for a job in the comfort of your own home easier than ever, it can also be overwhelming to narrow down where you want to apply in a world of seemingly endless opportunities.

Additionally, many of our students prefer to network in-person and find job opportunities by speaking directly to employers. That’s why we believe that attending career fairs is an important part of transitioning to a new career.

Not only does our Career Services program help you develop the right tools to aid in landing your next job, we also point you in the direction of these in-person opportunities.

There are many different seminars, fairs and conferences around town that showcase new and upcoming positions. We will keep you posted on all the upcoming events that are available in the area, so you have one less thing to think about when preparing for your new career. On top of that, several times a year we have CCC exclusive Career Fairs and Employer Meet-and-Greets open to only CCC students and Alumni.

Our Career Services team has a special relationship with many potential employers around town and we are here to guide you as you start your search.

Hear from one of our former students, JJ, who has successfully transitioned to a new career after attending Carolina Career College:

“What appealed to me about this school was how quickly you could get it done, and how many other opportunities they had for you to gain experience. I interned at the school, and that gave me real hands-on experience. That gave me an extra opportunity to really beef up my resume. Life has changed so much for the better since I finished the program and got hired in the IT industry.”

Will you be our next success story? Get started today!

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