Resume Development and Distribution

Your resume is the first impression you make on a hiring manager, so time and thought should be put into what it says.

At its core, a resume should include a detailed statement of your prior work experience, education, and accomplishments, so employers can determine if you’re qualified enough for their advertised position.

There are numerous different outlines and guidelines when it comes to building the ‘perfect’ resume. A typical resume can be broken down by a summary of skills, knowledge and potential contributions; a summary of civic, professional and philanthropic volunteer work; a list of certifications; and mention of any additional, relevant coursework.

Developing your resume is time-consuming, and it can be difficult to determine what information to include. Through our Career Services, Carolina Career College is here to help with every step of building your resume and distributing it to potential employers.

When you take advantage of our resume development and distribution services, one of our professional staff members will sit down with you and review the job postings for which you are interested in applying. Together, you will work to develop a strong resume, highlighting your skills, knowledge and potential contributions to the company.

We’ll help you write and lay out your resume according to the strength of your credentials and the personal circumstances that determined your need for a job search. Our staff is here to guide you seamlessly through this process.

In addition to developing a strong resume for future job applications, our Career Services are dedicated to helping you distribute your newly developed resume to potential employers.

We will also aid you in seeking opportunities that could be the right fit for your needs and recently developed skill set.

Resume development and distribution is just one aspect of our Career Services program. Carolina Career College offers LIFETIME access to these services, regardless of where you are in your career.

Don’t let your resume hold you back from the career of your dreams. Give us a call at 919-336-1000 and get started today!

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