The 10 Best Jobs for 2015

Career Builder and Economic Modeling Specialists, Intl. have released a list of the 10 Best Jobs for 2015, and the criteria is less than subjective. Quite simply, it examines jobs for which postings significantly outpace the number of hires.  That’s worth stating again, in another way – there are professions out there that have many more job openings than qualified applicants.

Carolina Career College Raleigh campusOne of them in particular, Network and Computer Administrator, is worth noting for a few reasons.  It is a profession that can be entered via computer certification training – and without the time and expense of a traditional college degree.  With a gap of over 17,000 between postings and hires, a climbing median income, and a red hot job market in the Raleigh-Durham area, Network and Computer Administrator is a career track well worth looking into.

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