7 Steps to Help Start A New Career In As Little As 7 Weeks

It’s really kind of crazy when you think about it.

A story we’ve heard before, many times, is the one where someone gets their degree in Computer Science and can’t find work.  It’s not just computer science.  It’s many subjects across many career paths and it must be frustrating.

All this isn’t to say that a college degree isn’t a good thing.  The point is that it isn’t the only choice when selecting a career path.  Information Technology, in particular, is fairly unique in this way, and the reason is IT certifications.

Certifications from vendors such as Microsoft and Cisco, as well as vendor-neutral certifications from CompTIA, are seen as a skills validation. Because a test is required to obtain a certification, the knowledge of certain skills can be proven.  CompTIA surveyed HR managers in 2015.  They found 93 percent of employers believe IT certifications play a key role in the hiring process.

There are many reasons to consider certifications over a degree.  According to Newsweek, those with a college degree should consider adding certifications to their resume. Between 1980 and 2012, the full-time employment rate for college graduates actually declined by 8 percent.  They also stated that millennials aged 18-34 are earning less median income versus people of the same age a decade ago.  Certifications could give you another tool in the job market.

Sammi is a 2015 graduate of Carolina Career College.  He says, “Compared to a traditional college, this place (Carolina Career College) is a steal. Every company I’ve worked at wants to hear about your certifications and experience over your college degree”.

Experience is also a valuable ingredient.  How does someone seeking a career change get experience and a certification before landing their first job? It is recommended to apply for internships and volunteer opportunities.

With certification training at Carolina Career College, students have the opportunity to obtain their first certification within 7 weeks.

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