How Anyone Can Become A Paid IT Professional In As Soon As A Few Weeks (and one just did)

Let’s start the weekend with one heck of a success story.

New IT Professional

Karen attended the Carolina Career College IT Career Seminar/Open House at our campus to learn about becoming an IT Professional on January 19, 2016.  She was working in healthcare, not making the kind of money she desired but perhaps more importantly lacked the quality of life she was seeking.  The hours Karen worked were miserable and unpredictable.  She was open to a change but unsure of which direction to take.

That’s when she heard about the Carolina Career College Open House event.

That evening, she learned about the abundance of opportunities in the Information Technology field.  We explained how many feel that certifications have actually overtaken a degree when it comes to the hiring process.  Karen was told the fact that she didn’t have computer experience on her resume wasn’t an issue.  In fact, a great many of our students are career changers.  She discovered Information Technology is one of the few industries in which, with the proper training, prior experience isn’t a burden.  Because so many companies use IT certifications to validate the candidate’s skills, hiring managers know what knowledge to expect the moment the new employee walks in the door.  Leveraging the relationships Carolina Career College maintains with companies throughout the region, career opportunities come often to our students.

And so, Karen enrolled in the career track that started on February 1st.  She was determined to change careers and find employment as quickly as possible.  Even though she hadn’t even completed her first certification course, Karen knew she could access the exclusive on-campus career fairs and company visits.  Fortunately for her, she didn’t have to wait long.

Knowing the impressive history of candidates that have come through the doors at Carolina Career College, a growing IT company made offers to a number of students – including to Karen, who started classes just 24 days earlier.  She’s ready to start her new Information Technology career in March, less than two months after attending that Open House event.  That’s the story of how Karen landed an Information Technology career in just 24 days. Once Karen takes the essential step of obtaining her certifications, she will be in an excellent position to move up in the industry to achieve her goals.  While Karen’s story is not typical, it’s also worth noting that Karen was not new to the workforce.  She had lengthy experience working in another industry, which increased her marketability.  That being said, finding career opportunities by utilizing the Carolina Career College process is indeed common.  In many cases, it takes place in an impressively short time frame.

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