Army Veteran Hired in 14 Days

Jacob Rhoads, U.S. Army Veteran

Jacob Rhoads

We are proud that our student body includes many veterans of the Armed Forces, and Jacob came to us looking to pursue a cybersecurity career. He was aware that the Department of Defense includes Information Technology certifications as part of their employment requirements.  He was also well aware that he had many choices as to where to obtain his certifications – so why did he choose us?

The answer came down to a few things, including a favorable testing policy which Jacob explains in the podcast.  Perhaps most impressive was the speed at which Jacob was hired.  After only two weeks of his program, Jacob found employment in the IT field.  His new employer told him they were impressed at his commitment to obtain the certifications, and liked knowing which ones he was pursuing.

Jacob is well on his way in his IT career and his goal of working in the cybersecurity sector and credits Carolina Career College.  Listen to Jacob describe his experience here:

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