My Carolina Career College Story

Jonathan Joyner in Carolina Career College Server Room

Jonathan in the CCC Server Room

I grew up on a farm in Grantham, NC with no background in computers.  With a population of 4,300, everyone knows everyone and farming is a way of life.  We’ve got one stop light, which was put in after years of being a flashing yellow light.  The airport is a grass field.  While Research Triangle Park is only 71 miles away, it may as well have been a world away.

I earned a college degree (graduating Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor’s degree at nearby Mt. Olive University), and went to school at Carolina Career College for Information Technology; all the while, I worked three jobs at the same time.  Focusing on certifications here was very important to me.  I passed my CompTIA A+, Network+, and Security+ certification exams.  What meant a great deal to me was that the school hired me as Facilities Technician, which was pretty exciting for a farm boy.

Now as I finish my time at Carolina Career College, I will start a new chapter working as a Technical Support Specialist at an IT services company in Raleigh.  What I have to say is that this school can change your life.  Think about it.  I grew up working on a farm and now work with network servers in a growing industry.

As much as I learned in college, the truth is what I learned at Carolina Career College is why I am where I am today.  What they teach you here is so important.  They are real world skills that companies want.  This school has taken so many veterans and helped them with their transition.  People like Nick, who came to Carolina Career College after high school and now works for one of the biggest tech companies in the world, owe it to this school.

Everything I learned at Carolina Career College is applicable to the real world.  Everything.

When I was interviewed for my new job, they actually stopped during the interview and remarked how much detail I had gone into.  This is because of my experience here.

Everyone needs to know that this works.  When I think back on years ago, there weren’t many willing to give me a chance, and it changed my life.  It can change yours too.

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