CCC Student Success Sitdown – Barry Gould

Student Success Barry Gould

Barry Gould, Systems Administrator Program

Started at Carolina Career College: April, 2016

Expected Graduation: December, 2016

Barry, what did you do after you transitioned out of the military?

I spent about five months relaxing, taking time off trying to figure out what I wanted to do.  My whole life, I’ve been told I should do IT.  So, when I was approached about Carolina Career College, I thought it could be a great experience.

What was the experience like?

It’s been fantastic.  The training is excellent, the teachers are very inspirational…really, the whole environment is amazing here.

What do you think separates Carolina Career College from other educational experiences?

The knowledge of the instructors.  Their real life experience brings a whole new level of learning here.

Did you have an expectation of when you’d start working?

No.  I figured I’d find an entry-level job somewhere down the road after I finished school.  But, I started working halfway into my program.

What put you in a position to land that job?

It was because I was a student at Carolina Career College.  The recruiter said so.  I was told they had success with students here in the past.

Why do you think IT certifications are valuable?

They back up your experience and prove it to an employer even before they sit down with you.

What would you say to someone considering enrolling at Carolina Career College?

I would say do it.  Carolina Career College is amazing.  The fact that they offer night classes so you can work during the day makes it easy to make it happen.

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