The Cybersecurity Workforce Crisis

An editorial featured in U.S. News & World Report details the cybersecurity workforce crisis in alarming terms, indicating a fundamental problem at the heart of the problem:

A lack of awareness of potential opportunities in the field.

Many high school students are not receiving an introduction or insight on how to pursue a cybersecurity career.  Career changers may not be aware that a path to the profession is accessible in ways other than the traditional college route.

Raytheon, a global technology company, estimates the number of unfilled cybersecurity positions in the United States to quadruple over the next five years.

Cybersecurity careers

More than ever, companies are turning to IT certifications, like CompTIA’s Security+ and Cisco’s CCNA, in the hiring process as a way to validate the skills of a potential candidate.

In the new webinar, “Cybersecurity: The Big New Career”, Carolina Career College details some of the sectors most affected by cyber crime, including retail, banking, education, healthcare, government, and social media.  The webinar also outlines potential salaries in the field and options for pursuing a cybersecurity career path.

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