What Does the ITT Tech Closing Mean?

On September 6, 2016, ITT Tech announced it would close its doors for good.  This decision follows a ban on enrolling new students who receive federal aid by the U.S. Department of Education.  ITT Tech was a huge player in career education. The school had more than 130 campuses in the U.S. That included more than 8,000 employees, and over 40,000 students.

ITT Tech

ITT Tech’s closing leaves behind over 130 campuses.

The closing of ITT Tech raises questions about schools that are an alternative to traditional colleges and universities.  Most notably, do other career schools operate like ITT Tech?

Jean Norris, of college admissions training firm Norton-Norris, talks about the stigma of for-profit schools in her recent blog, “For-Profit vs. Non-Profit Mindsets in Higher Education”.

Norton Norris

She says one organization that supports high school counselors and prospective students defined the difference between non-profit and for-profit colleges this way: “Non-profits receive funding from a variety of sources, such as the government, tuition fees, and donations. The money they bring in goes back to the school. For-profits are businesses that have investors who expect to make money.”

A review by the Huffington Post of the annual report from The Chronicle of Higher Ed showed that the heads of 93 non-profit colleges made more than $500,000 a year.  In addition, nine public university presidents made more than $1 million in 2013, so exactly how it goes back to the school isn’t exactly consistent.

She also mentions for-profit hospitals.  According to Jeff Goldsmith, national adviser to Navigant Healthcare and associate professor of public health sciences at the University of Virginia, for-profit hospitals “are actually held to somewhat higher standards than their not-for-profit competitors”.  Another point, do you choose a hospital for its tax status or quality of care?

It is important to note that ITT Tech had more than its share of problems.   Its accreditor had accused the school of chronic financial mismanagement and recruitment tactics.  According to the Wall Street Journal, ITT Tech is under investigation by more than a dozen state and federal authorities. This includes the Massachusetts Attorney General, the Consumer Financial Bureau, and the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Unfortunately, we’ve heard stories from former ITT Tech students as well as other schools that have been accused of leaving graduates in debt with nothing to show for it.  At one recent career fair, we met a Marine Corps veteran who graduated from ITT Tech years ago.  He had a list of employable skills on his resume, and was now working at a dollar store.

That isn’t right.

At Carolina Career College, we’re well aware of some of the business practices in the career education space.  If you are looking to change or advance your career, we encourage you to do your research.  Make sure you visit the website.  Watch the videos.  Read the reviews.  Tour the school.  Ask questions.  We know this isn’t a decision to be taken lightly.  Here are a few things we believe differentiate Carolina Career College:

  • We are not a national chain with shareholders to answer to. Carolina Career College is at one location, in Durham, North Carolina – not multiple locations in multiple states.   Our parent company is Carolina Computer Learning Systems, which has operated continuously in North Carolina for over 15 years.  We’re locally owned and operated with a focus on one specialization – Information Technology.
  • We are nationally accredited by ACCET, the Accrediting Council for Continuing Education and Training. ACCET was founded in 1974 for the purpose of improving continuing education and training and has been officially recognized by the U.S. Department of Education since 1978 as a “reliable authority” as to the quality of education and training provided by the institutions they accredit. We are, and always have been, in good standing with our accrediting body.   We voluntarily choose to be accredited, to ensure our students get the experience they deserve.
  • We believe employment and growth in the Information Technology field is essential to your educational experience (in fact, it is in our mission statement). That’s why Career Services is not just a department, it is part of your curriculum.  You will be required to do mock interviews, your resume will be worked on, you will receive coaching, and you will get employment opportunities.  There are three exclusive on-campus career fairs each year in which our students have access to recruiters.

We feel for all ITT Tech students, graduates, and employees and wish them all the best.  We invite you to call Carolina Career College at 919-336-1000 to give us an opportunity to show you why we’re different.  We are a small, local school in the business of changing lives.  We invite you to schedule a tour so we can show you around the campus.

If you live in and around the Fayetteville area, sign up for “7 Steps to Help Start A New Career in As Little As 7 Weeks”, Tuesday, September 13th at the Fayetteville Courtyard Marriott.  Spaces are limited.

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