Jobs That Don’t Work Weekends

Let’s be honest.  There just aren’t many jobs that don’t work weekends.

Even in the Information Technology field, where nights and weekends may be more uncommon than the service industry for example, weekends can be part of the equation.  Technology, after all, never stops (but if it does, there’s usually an IT professional to fix it!)

The house next door to mine is going through some renovations, and there was a group of construction workers operating a circular saw at 10:30pm. My first inclination was one of irritation – I’m trying to get some sleep here! The second thought was one of empathy.  Even if you’re in or have been in the construction industry, you may rather be doing something else at 10:30pm.

So, as we move into the weekend, I’m reminded of a good friend of mine, JJ.  We once worked together in radio, and now have both transitioned into the IT field.  While I’m in marketing, JJ is on the front lines as a Systems Administrator.  If you wonder why someone might make the switch from radio to Information Technology, watch JJ’s testimonial video.  His story about working nights and weekends will resonate with many, particularly as it relates to family time.

And if you do have to work this weekend, thank you.  Someone has to do it.  Just as technology never stops, neither does life.

Foster/Carolina Career College

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