A Labor Day Look At The Raleigh-Durham Job Market

“I already have a job”.  “Change is scary”.  “I don’t have time”.  These are some of the excuses one might make for staying in their current job situation.  You may have said something like one of these phrases yourself.  But if you live in Central North Carolina, whether in the Raleigh-Durham area, Fayetteville, or somewhere in between, you’re a short distance from one of the hottest job markets in America.  If your job situation isn’t ideal, it may be worth taking a look at the opportunity available in your area.  As we move into this Labor Day weekend, let’s look at some recent accolades regarding the labor market in our hometown.

August 2016, Forbes: “Raleigh #2 in America’s Hottest Spot for Tech Jobs”.   Everyone knows Silicon Valley in the San Francisco Bay Area is a tech hub.  Not bad when Raleigh comes up right behind.

July, 2016. SmartAsset: “Top 19 American Cities to Work in Tech in 2016”.  The only states to have two cities in the top 10 were North Carolina and Iowa.  Durham placed at #2, while Raleigh showed up at #7.

March 2016, Forbes: “Raleigh #3 Best City for Young Professionals“.  As pointed out, Research Triangle Park hosts more than 170 companies, including IBM, GlaxoSmithKline, and Credit Suisse.

February 2016, Triangle Buisness Journal: “North Carolina #1 Growth State”.  Interesting factoid: More U-Haul trucks made one-way trips into North Carolina than any other state.

As we’ve pointed out often in this blog, one of the key things that makes Information Technology accessible to so many are certifications.  IT certifications that validate skills are required for some positions.  Many companies are now giving certifications greater significance than a degree in their hiring processes.

Training for IT certifications does not have to be a long process.  Those interested in entering or advancing in the field can look at a certification program like the ones offered at Carolina Career College.  In the case of Carolina Career College, the programs include career placement assistance, tutoring, and exams.  Interested in learning more?  Just fill out the form on this page.

Perhaps you’ll end up like Tim, who left his job as a chef in search of better hours and more family time.  Watch what happened:



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