Making The Most of a Career Opportunity

It’s a question we get asked all the time. “Is it a school or is it a career opportunity?”


We’ve stated many times, including in this space, that a college degree can be valuable.  That doesn’t, however, always make it practical.  First of all, surveys are now regularly showing that a large number of tech companies are requiring Information Technology certifications for their open positions, especially higher level openings.  In fact, a recent CompTIA survey revealed 91 percent of tech employers believe IT certifications “play a key role in the hiring process”.

So when it comes to the IT industry, certifications can be an outstanding supplement to a computer degree.  However, we’ve regularly seen students succeed in the field with no computer degree or even any college degree.  Many high school students either don’t have the financial means to attend traditional college, or perhaps just want to enter the workforce without having to take math and history classes at the college level.  That’s ok, too. Many career changers have no interest in long-term schooling.  They want to start working in their new career, and they want to do it as rapidly as possible.

That’s why Carolina Career College holds exclusive on-campus Career Fairs for our students throughout the year.  Today, a group of companies recruited our students, some of which conducted interviews on the spot.  A representative from one staffing company remarked, “Your students are so well prepared today.  They dress professionally and conduct themselves well.  We’re definitely interested in multiple candidates.”

This means everything to us.  We’re so proud of our students that work hard, follow our program, and find success in the IT field.  Thanks for making us look great! We’d also like to extend a big thank you to each and every company that takes the time to meet with and extend career opportunities to our  students.  We couldn’t do it without you.


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