Michael Phelps and Second Chances

If you’re like many Americans, you’ve watched in awe and amazement as Michael Phelps wins gold medal after gold medal at the Olympics.  You know he’s been at this for a long time.  You know he’s won a lot of medals (more than twice any other Olympian and more than 56 countries).  You may have heard he’s a natural.  “Built for swimming”, some sportscasters have said.  You’ve heard this type of thing before about people in many professions.  “She was born with that voice”, one might say about a singer. It’s almost as if people with special gifts don’t have to work as hard.

Michael Phelps just disproved that.

You may know, just two years ago, Phelps was busted twice for a DUI.  He was caught on camera smoking marijuana.  He was suspended for 6 months by USA Swimming.  So what happened when he decided he wanted to return to the pool?

He lost sets to female teammates.

He finished ninth in the 200 freestyle at a meet in Charlotte.

Just last year, he finished fourth in 200 freestyle at an Olympic tuneup in Austin.

Are we talking about the same Michael Phelps?

After finishing a 45-day stay in rehab, Phelps never missed a single training session.  He worked and worked until he reclaimed his dominance and proved he’s not just the greatest ever, but the greatest right now.  At age 31.

Information Technology is one of those special career fields that allows for just about anyone to succeed at any stage of life.  You may have to spend 8 years in school plus residency training to become a doctor, but IT certifications that validate skills and can help get you employed can be obtained within weeks.  Make no mistake.  Like swimming, it takes hard work and determination.  But when the hard work is combined with the right training, just about anything (including second chances) is possible.

One more thing – don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do something.  Michael Phelps certainly doesn’t.

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