A Veteran’s Career Transition from Military to Civilian Life

A career transition from the military can from far away seem like a breath of fresh air when the date is getting closer and closer. “I am going to finally do this, I am going to finally be able to make my own that”. These are the thoughts that ran through my mind as my final days approached after 11 years of putting in the work needed to get great evaluations, be promoted, win medals, gain service awards and serve my fellow man to keep those that wanted to hurt my family at bay. The sacrifices would finally be over, no more missing holidays and birthday parties. No more phone calls where your spouse is crying because they haven’t seen you in many months and they are all alone.

I had in my mind and within all my adventures accomplished so many things in my 11 years. I had been meritoriously promoted twice for my work ethic and leadership skills. I had been awarded over 14 service connected medals, along with two Navy Achievement Awards for going above and beyond. I had led teams up to as many as 50 people to get major ship repairs completed. I was sought after for my expertise in shipboard weaponry, electronics and radar repair.

In my mind I was the man!

Brian Maggio U.S. Navy veteran Career Transition

Brian Maggio, U.S. Navy Veteran

When it was time to report from my duty station to my sign out point of New Orleans, I was excited this chapter was ending and was ready to move into a more normal life.  My name was called I walked up to the desk and I am not sure what exactly I was expecting to happen but the even went just like this. “Please sign here”, “Here is your copy”…….Next please.

That was it, everything I had done, accomplished, sacrificed, missed out on, given up meant absolutely zero to this individual telling me to sign this piece of paper. She even got my name wrong when calling me up. There was no handshake to say thank you, no final card from the Secretary of the Navy. Everything was just final as if it had never happened at all.

I felt at that moment as if the air I was breathing was stripped away from me. My identity was now gone. I was no longer Petty Officer 1st Class, I wasn’t the Recruiter-in-Charge, the Zone Supervisor. I was just Brian with military experience.

This is the first moment I reconciled that the transition would not be easy, and I would need help.

Join me for “From Soldier to Civilian: The Real Truth Behind Transition” Wednesday, June 29th from 6:15pm-8pm at the Fayetteville Courtyard Marriott.  At this interactive seminar, I’ll discuss what techniques you can utilize to increase your chances of employment in the civilian sector, how you can use your veteran status to your advantage in a career transition, and how your military skills can be transferred to the civilian sector.

Register now, as we’ll have limited seating available.  I look forward to meeting you!

Brian Maggio

Director of Admissions, Carolina Career College

U.S. Navy Veteran

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