Voting From Your Living Room

Here’s something to consider today, Election Day. Will we ever get to vote for a national election from our own home? Or – an even crazier thought – from our phones?

US_Flag_BacklitThe picture of voting apathy in America understandably irks many. You have to get to a polling place, wait in line, show an ID if the law requires it, and cast your vote. But what if voting was as convenient as making a purchase on iTunes?

There’s no question that the technology is there to enable voting from your computer, smartphone, and tablet. There are contests that take place online every day. But in an era where cyberattacks are as commonplace as cereal for breakfast, we’re not likely to see it anytime soon. In fact, many states and districts are doing away with electronic voting at polling sites due to security concerns. So, what’s next?

There’s an understanding that online voting would be a massive game changer. Voter participation would go through the roof, altering demographics and elections for the future. Cybersecurity will be one of the biggest challenges of our lives, and IT professionals will be the ones charged with figuring out how to solve it, keep us safe, and enable us to utilize technology to its greatest potential while minimizing the security risk.

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