From Wine Delivery Guy to IT Professional

I started at Carolina Career College in April, 2014 and one of the first graduates I met was James Bryant.

I’ll never forget James because while many have successfully changed careers to the Information Technology profession, he is the only one I can think of that was delivering wine for a living when he came to us.  We weren’t his first stop for IT training.  At first, he tried to do it on his own through self-paced training but found things very difficult once it was time to land the job.  He submitted application after application, getting nothing in return from hiring managers.    Could Carolina Career College change his fortunes?

IT Certification training at Carolina Career College did just that, as James passed his CompTIA Network+ and Security+ exams.  He admits that he didn’t work with Career Services as closely as he should have when he had the chance – but when he did, his career outlook started to look significantly brighter.

Now in a conversation two years after our last meeting, I found James to be in a very happy place.  As a Tier 3 technician at the pharmaceutical company he’s been with and been promoted at since then, he’s achieving his career objectives.  Perhaps even better were the things James claims changed his life overall.   He is now able to take vacations.  He is more relaxed (this was very evident in our interview).  He says the financial goals he and his wife set for themselves are “beyond realistic”.  They are looking at purchasing a home.

Take a listen to my conversation with James and I think you’ll agree this is what success is all about.


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