Women Pursuing Technology Career Win Scholarship

Connected Women of NC Scholarship Winners

Connected Women of North Carolina, a non-profit organization for professional women and leaders, awarded its mid-year scholarship to two deserving Carolina Career College Students on August 22nd, 2016.

Katherine had a background in retail jobs, while trying to figure out her career path.  She tried culinary arts and didn’t enjoy it. She juggled multiple jobs to pay the bills.  One evening while driving home, she heard a radio commercial for Carolina Career College about a woman who used to work at a roller rink and now works in cybersecurity for a financial services company.  With the goal of breaking into the Information Technology field and working at a video game company, Katherine made the decision to change her life.  She enrolled at Carolina Career College and is well on her way to pursuing her dream.

Melissa Kennebrew served in the U.S. military. She is a mother of 5 amazing children & a grandmother of 3.  She was in Operations Management 1995-2006, then enlisted with the Army, Melissa did 2 deployments with 3-73 CAV, 82nd Airborne Division to Iraq. During the deployments her duties were functioning & training of base defense communications, ammunition & weapons inventory control and distribution, as an army reservist she served with 461st HRC. After the military, she went back to operations management until May 2016 and left that position and decided to concentrate on her family, Carolina Career College and help her husband manage their family business at home so that they may be able to leave their children & grandchildren a legacy.

Now that Melissa is at Carolina Career College, she admits she was challenged by some of the technical topics but feels prepared to overcome obstacles.  She tells us she is excited by future opportunities.  Her goal is to complete the program at Carolina Career College, obtain certifications, and land a well-paying job to support her family.

Katherine and Melissa each won a Microsoft Office course, $150 in gas cards, and a student membership to Connected Women of North Carolina for the mid-year scholarship.

This is the second scholarship program that Carolina Career College has partnered on with Connected Women of North Carolina, and not the last. CWNC holds various networking events and workshops in the Raleigh-Durham area for professional women, but welcomes men to their programs as well.

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