Is College Right for Me?

On Sunday, September 19th, we attended the Wake County College Fair at the McKimmon Center at NC State University.  About 2,000 high school seniors, juniors, and some sophomores and their parents moved from table to table to hear from colleges about their programs.


Most schools offered 4 year degree programs, with some 2-year and additional options available.  Over the course of the event, our specialists had a few conversations that stuck out for us, and we wanted to relay their stories.

One set of parents we met told us about their son, who was thinking about a film degree.  It turns out making movies isn’t the only thing that peaked his interest.  In his spare time, this young man helps friends, family, and others with their computer problems.  He enjoys solving problems in his spare time, and has made a little money on the side.  She hopes to convince him to pursue IT certifications at Carolina Career College.  A film degree could also still be in his future down the road.

One gentleman we met is a disabled veteran.  He is transferring his GI Bill funds to his son to use for his college education.  He told us his son was looking for a computer science program.  We explained how Carolina Career College offers a different path than a computer science degree.   We told him that many tech companies are requiring IT certifications, but not degrees, as part of the hiring process.  Because many of the same companies offer tuition reimbursement, one option is to pursue a degree after the certifications.  He also was pleased to hear that Carolina Career College accepts GI Bill funding, which would pay his son’s tuition in full.

Military Friendly Schools 2016

We met a teacher who wanted to spread the word to her students about our upcoming seminar, “Leveling the Mountain of Debt: How Employable Skills Are Changing Higher Education.”  In that conversation, we learned that she was considering a career change herself.  That’s one of the unique traits of Carolina Career College.  People of all ages have completed the IT certification programs and succeeded in the industry.   Will you be next?

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