Cisco, NBA Partnership Demonstrates Reach of Modern Technology

Regardless of what they do, businesses these days have an incredible need for technology. As an IT professional, this means not just working for tech companies, but as resident systems experts for countless other industries. A great example of this is the NBA. Computers and Internet connectivity are vital for professional basketball, which is why the NBA has elected to extend its official technology partnership with Cisco.

SportsPro Media reported that the NBA and Cisco will remain partners in a multi-year, multi-million dollar deal announced in a release from Cisco. This agreement will make sure that the NBA, WNBA, USA Basketball and the NBA development league will continue to be powered by Cisco systems.

“Building on years of connecting NBA players with media via Cisco TelePresence, Cisco said it will take advantage of its state-of-the-art video collaboration solutions to bring together NBA players and sports media in Rio and nearby Sao Paolo for face-to-face interviews to help promote NBA Global Games Rio 2014,” stated NetNewsCheck on its website.

Limitless Career Opportunities for IT Professionals

IT technology system motherboard The extension of the NBA/Cisco agreement is heavily indicative of changing times. There is an incredible need in every field for skilled IT professionals, and rising salaries are major evidence of this. According to the newest edition of the Robert Half Salary Guide, starting pay for baseline IT jobs is expected to increase by 5.7 percent in 2015.

But in order to be a viable candidate for open positions, professionals need to have the right credentials. Say someone was applying for an job with the NBA. After learning that Cisco will continue to be the official tech partner of the basketball league, that person may want to consider becoming a Cisco certified network professional. This distinction will show that a candidate has skills both in essential network configurations as well as the specific brand of hardware being leveraged on a daily basis.

There is no limit to what an IT professional can accomplish these days – so long as they pay attention to what’s happening around them. It will be essential every so often to re-evaluate a skill set and seek out additional training in order to demonstrate relevance. More industries are looking to hire tech talent, but they need to be sure that candidates have the abilities they need on staff. Extra certifications and classes are an incredible way to get on the shortlist with any potential employer.

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