IT Industry Update: U.S. Government Making Cybersecurity a Priority

The benefits of utilizing cloud technology are many. Easier and more robust data storage, backup, and sharing. Most companies are saving money by lowering costs and using less energy by eliminating servers.

So, why hasn’t every company moved to the cloud?

Padlocks The most likely explanation is cyberattacks. The list of companies faced with data breaches in the last year is getting too long to include in one article, but they include bitcoin, Home Depot, and Target.

Sony Pictures buckled to North Korea by cancelling screenings of “The Interview” over a cyberattack threat. The Washington Times states that the White House has requested nearly $14 billion for cybersecurity efforts in the 2016 budget proposal. The Boston Business Journal notes the increased federal funding will be used towards prevention strategies, government response capabilities, and network diagnostics.

With cybersecurity opportunities rising faster than almost any other field, tech workers should focus on gaining IT certifications offered by companies such as Microsoft, Cisco and Citrix. These certifications show companies that you have a level of competency and credibility they’re looking for.

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