Celebrate National Technology Day on January 6th

Technology Day honors all the achievements technology has given us throughout time. Now it’s time to make your own contribution to the world of technology!

Where would we be today without all the groundbreaking technological advances from the past century? It seems impossible to get through the day without being directly affected by the benefits of technology, whether that be using your smartphone, listening to your iPod on a run or surfing the web on your lunch break. Technology touches every part of our lives, both recreational and professional.

For 50 years, technology has brought us innovations we can’t imagine living without. In 1967, the pocket radio made its debut, paving the way for the Walkman and the infamous iPod in years to come. In 1970, we said hello to a new way of watching videos with the invention of the VCR. Eight years later in 1978, the home computer made its way into the homes of Americans for the first time, changing the way we interact with technology. Jump ahead to 1990, where we learn the benefits of digital audio and the role it played in ridding the need for CDs, cassettes and other devices that take up space. At the turn of the century, the year 2000 brought us the freedom to listen to commercial free satellite radio on-the-go. Since then, Microsoft Xbox, tablets and smart phones, 3D printers and Virtual Reality devices have continued to push the boundaries of what we know technology to be possible of providing.

Today we recognize innovative technology and the people who have made it possible. All of the dedicated members of the IT career field devote their work to keeping technology systems, equipment and programs running smoothly so that the world can fully enjoy the benefits of technology and all of its advances. At Carolina Career College, we provide the certification, training and guidance which can help you succeed in your journey into the technology workforce. Learn how you can transition to an IT career with our free eBook available for download.

Explore the full timeline of technological advances on NationalTechnologyDay.com.

National Technology Day 2018
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