Raleigh-Cary Surpasses Silicon Valley

Two important lists regarding employment were released this week, and both indicate significant continued optimism for the Research Triangle region.

The first list, compiled by employment firm ZipRecruiter, analyzed the “metro areas with positive job growth” and found the “most common factors in cities creating the highest number of tech jobs were a low cost of living and local colleges that provide resources for research and a continuous entry level workforce.”

In this list, the Raleigh-Cary area is ranked the #2 metro for tech growth only behind Austin, Texas. The top five tech jobs in the Raleigh metro are infrastructure architect, design engineer, tooling engineer, Java developer, and SQL developer.

The other list, compiled by Career Builder and summarized by Forbes, ranks the 150 largest U.S. metros on factors that include unemployment rates, job listings growth, and the amount of high-paying new jobs. In this report, Raleigh is ranked the third best metro in the United States in which to find a job, a ranking it has held for the first two quarters of 2015.

Viewed separately, the lists are somewhat unsurprising – we’ve gotten used to some pretty great rankings ’round these parts – but looked at them together, a picture is painted of an area that provides a high number of tech jobs (including an above average number of both entry level and high paying jobs), a low cost of living and low unemployment.

That’s a pretty attractive profile.

What’s more, the fourth best city in which to find a job – the one that ranks below Raleigh on the Career Builder list – is San Jose, CA. Anytime the Silicon Valley of the east outranks the Silicon Valley of, well…Silicon Valley, that’s a win for RTP.






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