CCC Career Services: Your Partner in Success

When individuals come to Carolina Career College, they’re looking for more than education.  They’re looking for a better way of life, a way to move forward personally and financially, a way to earn more doing work they enjoy, a way to give their families a better future without becoming absentee parents, a way to become the people they want to be. While such admirable ambitions obviously require hard work and perseverance, our Career Center can help!

Discovering yourself

Many students come to us without a clear picture of their skills and capabilities. Sometimes, they’re fresh from school without a solid idea of what to do next.  Sometimes they’re transitioning from the military wondering how their service skills translate into the civilian world.  Sometimes they’re stuck in a dead-end career unable to visualize their doing anything else.

Setting career goals

Our next step is to help each individual formulate career goals.  We ask: “Where do you want to be next year? In five years? In 20 years? How much do you want to be earning? What kind of work do you want to be doing? In what kind of work environment would you feel most comfortable? How do you plan to balance your work life with your family life?” From this and subsequent conversations, prospective students begin to formulate challenging, yet realistic, career goals.

Designing a plan

At this point, the staff in our Career Center help each person design a specific, step-by-step strategy for achieving these goals.  Since our counseling services are available for CCC graduates on a lifetime basis, this plan becomes the foundation for students over the long term, a plan that will naturally be updated as time goes by but which remains a consistent roadmap throughout one’s IT career.

Marketing yourself

In an ideal world, employers would instinctively know the capabilities of every potential worker and choose those who perfectly matched the jobs available.  In the real world, a huge, mysterious gap exists between job applicants and employers.  Each party is a stranger to each other. To close this gap, employers run help-wanted ads, recruit on campus, attend job fairs, etc. in order to attract qualified applicants.  Likewise, those looking for work must find ways to reach out and attract potential employers, at least enough to generate an interview.

A concise resume and a well-written cover letter are essential tools for job applicants.  It’s unfortunate, perhaps even unfair, that employers are unable to recognize an applicant’s talent and work ethic without these marketing tools.  But such is the reality of the job market. It’s not enough to be smart and talented.  You have to play the “marketing game” if you want to be hired for the job you want.

As Carolina Career College, we are experts at translating each student’s unique skill-set and experience into a positive resume and attention-getting cover letter.  We can help identify a quality resume format and the most positive ways to express an applicant’s qualifications.  We can help craft a cover letter that highlights a person’s distinct personality and work-related perspective.

Spreading the word

With effective marketing tools in hand, our students are ready to announce themselves to the world.  But who should they contact? What job openings are available? Which employers and which positions are best suited for a particular student?

Once again, CCC comes to the rescue. We help our students and graduates to identify opportunities that are matched to their skills and training. Through our special relationships with many employers, we can identify new openings as they become available, including some not publicly advertised. We also sponsor our own exclusive job fairs, open only to CCC students and graduates, and inform our students of other local hiring events.

Crushing the interview

For a typical applicant, the job interview is the most difficult step in the journey to a fulfilling career. As with a resume and cover letter, interviewing also involves marketing oneself.  A prospective employer is not only interested in learning more about your education and experience.  He/she wants to get to know you as a person, at least to the degree that such is positive in 30 minutes or so.  In this setting, impressions are critical.  How you look and how you sound can make the difference between being hired or not, regardless of qualification.

At Carolina Career College, we realize that interviewing is a critical step in the hiring process, one difficult for most applicants, especially those who are more comfortable working on a keyboard than conversing face-to-face. We can help.  We find that students and graduates benefit most from mock interviews in which they are asked questions they are likely to hear in the particular interview they plan to have. Through honest, immediate feedback during this process, applicants can discover how they actually sound to employers and learn to refine their interview answers in the most positive ways.

Moving forward

Carolina Career College cannot guarantee that you will find your dream job. But we can guarantee that we will do everything in our power to help make that happen.  We can help you better understand your work-related assets and liabilities, set goals that are challenging and realistic, formulate a specific plan to get you where you want to go, provide the first-class training that you’ll need to get there, inform you about specific local job opportunities, and prepare you to take advantage of those opportunities by offering resume, cover letter, and interview assistance.

The future is yours to define!  We’re here to help!



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