The Right Answer – How to Nail the Job Interview 

For many, the worst part of searching for a new job is handling the interview. To land that dream job you have to look the part, act the part and answer a barrage of questions from your future employer. A question we often get from our students is “how do I prepare for an interview?” While every interview is different, there are four key strategies that work for every situation and can take the anxiety out of tough interview questions.

  1. Prepare – There are hundreds of articles that list the most common interview questions. has a good list of 27 general questions (and answer strategies) that potential employers may ask. Light research can also help you find questions that are specific to the job you want. Practice answering these questions with other students or someone you trust to give you constructive feedback.
  2. Do your research – Interviewers want to know that you’re engaged with both the new position and the company. Before an interview, be sure to read and understand the job description thoroughly. It also helps to visit the company’s website to learn more about the product or service they offer and their company values. One great place to get vital information to help you prepare for an in-person interview is during a phone interview. Phone interviews are the perfect time to get a better understanding of the mechanics of a new job so that you can be more prepared to discuss the position during an in-person interview.
  3. Be Ready for Anything – The person interviewing you likely isn’t trying to trip you up with their interview questions. If they’re asking tough questions, it’s because they want to better understand how you think through problems and will mesh with the rest of your team. You can prepare for probing “open-ended” questions like “why should we hire you” by preparing for these questions in advance. The Muse has 3 interesting strategies for handling open-ended questions that can help you handle any question that comes your way.
  4. Take advantage of your resources – A great benefit of attending Carolina Career College is that we offer lifetime access to our Career Services team. Our team can help you work on your resume, conduct mock interviews and even connect you with potential employers through on-campus career fairs. If you ever have questions about the best way to handle a job interview question or any part of the hiring process, Carolina Career College is available with helpful advice that can help you get hired.

If you want to develop the skills necessary to grab the computer career of your dreams, get in touch with us. Our admissions team can help you understand which program is right for you.

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