5 Things to Listen to on Your Drive to Class

There are few things in daily life that are more annoying than a long commute. Traffic can lead to stress, and, as a busy individual trying to make the most of your time, being stuck behind the wheel of a car for too long can make you feel like you’re wasting precious minutes. 

This is especially true for Carolina Career College students, many of whom are coming to class while also working full-time and balancing social and familial obligations. But, thanks to the recent popularity of podcasts and audiobooks, you can now make better use of your time in the car, all without getting distracted. 

Here are a few podcasts and audiobooks you might enjoy listening to as you commute to classes and prepare for your transition to a new IT career. 

1. Risky Business podcast

Risky Business is a weekly podcast that dives into the world of information security, featuring a look at industry news and in-depth interviews with thought-leaders. Most of their 500+ episodes average about an hour in length, which is perfect for commuters.

2. Managing Oneself by Peter Drucker 

This is an audiobook version of an article first published in Harvard Business Review back in 1999, but the lessons are still valid today. The book walks you through steps to determine your strengths and improve skills you already have to develop a more successful career plan. This is a great complement to what you’re already learning at Carolina Career College. 

3. Pivot with Jenny Blake podcast

Throughout her Pivot podcast, author Jenny Blake focuses on embracing the fear and insecurity (and taking advantage of opportunities!) that come along with transitioning to the next phase of your career. Jenny combines practical tips with interviews to help you not only embrace change but to conquer it. 

4. Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us by Daniel H. Pink

In this audiobook, Pink examines the secret to motivation, which, in short, is the need to direct our own lives. Throughout the course of the book, he researches new approaches to motivation that companies are trying and helps you realize what influences your own motivation. 

5. TechStuff podcast

If you’ve decided to get into the world of IT, there’s a good chance that you’re into tech and learning about how it works (and, let’s face it, doesn’t always work). TechStuff explores how technology impacts our lives and culture and explores the people and companies behind the tech of today’s world. 

We hope you’ll give one of these recommendations a listen the next time you’re driving to or from your classes!

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