How to Potentially Land America’s Best Jobs: IT Certification Training

In an ever-changing world where technology is more of a necessity than a luxury, careers in the technology field are climbing the ranks of America’s top jobs. Recent research based on earning potential, job satisfaction and job demand shows that 4 of the top 5 careers are in the tech realm. In 2017, a survey based on Glassdoor, a work-life assessment site, and backed up by a hiring site,, showed that IT jobs are continuing to grow in all areas.


It can be intimidating to see the words “information technology” and maybe you’re thinking, “Well I’m not good at computers, so it’s probably not the right field for me.” However, there’s good news:  you don’t have to be a computer whiz to be successful in the IT field. No matter what your skillset or background provides you, the biggest trait you will need is the capacity to learn and grow. Getting a CompTIA certification teaches you the most common hardware and software technologies you’ll need to know to potentially land one of the hottest jobs in the country.


In an interview with Leslie Carr, senior DevOps engineer, she made a point to emphasize the issue of the IT industry not having enough educational programs or schools for training potential hires. That’s where schools like Carolina Career College come in to play. Offering programs which include CompTIA Certifications can assist in CCC graduates’ possibly finding employment after completing their classes.


With colleges taking notice of the increasing demand for IT education, it’s no wonder a lot of universities are tailoring classes and curriculums to accommodate the changing job market. Luckily for you, Carolina Career College offers you the opportunity to get the education which can help you start your IT career, without the 4-year university price tag. Also, when it comes time to interviewing after you receive your certifications, Carolina Career College offers you lifetime Career Services to help you perfect your resume, interview skills and potentially land one of America’s most desired jobs.

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