We interviewed the Carolina Career College staff and asked them one simple question:

Why are IT certifications so important?

Here’s what the CCC staff had to say:

  1. The advantage of IT certifications is that they represent a proven skill set.
  2. Certifications create networks of like-minded people.
  3. Much like passing the CPA exam, the BAR exam, or Medical Boards, IT certifications can carry more weight than a diploma.
  4. IT certifications show the commitment and expertise of handling real world tasks.
  5. Certifications show an employer that not only do you know what you are doing, you also follow through which demonstrates commitment.
  6. IT certification training can make a transition from just about any profession to the Information Technology field possible.
  7. Certifications are a major benchmark for hiring managers as they are evaluating candidates and are often an automatic qualifying requirement.
  8. You have a baseline with certifications under your belt. The opportunities are there and the possibilities are endless.
  9. IT training and certifications are an important factor in hiring, job retention and promotion eligibility.
  10. Certifications take less time to obtain than a degree, and, with career placement assistance, a career changer can start working in the IT field in as soon as a few months.

We know that the IT career field is here to stay. Lay the groundwork by obtaining your certifications and see for yourself the opportunities that will begin to flourish.

Ready to start training for IT certifications? Great! That’s why we’re here. In fact, did you know that it can look better to an employer if an individual sought formal training to secure their certifications?

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