The Increasing Demand for IT Jobs

The need for IT jobs is growing beyond the tech industry. We are living in an age where IT jobs are no longer confined to a department in a software company. As technology continues to emerge and grow, it’s becoming more common for non-tech industries to develop processes that involve employees with IT skillsets.

As discussed in this article by The New York Times, there is even a need for information technology at construction job sites. Companies like PlanGrid, mentioned in the article, are revolutionizing the construction industry. “It [the PlanGrid app] digitizes information used on construction sites, such as blueprints, so that the information is easier to use.”

Emily Tsitrian, the head of consulting services at PlanGrid, who is interviewed in the article says, “I lead a team that trains the workers on how to use it on their smartphone or an iPad. We also design workflows for clients.”

Just a few years ago, this job wasn’t needed, but with the emergence of technology, even non-tech industries, like construction, are realizing the benefits of implementing technology in everyday work duties.

We expect this trend to continue, which is why we encourage anyone who is interested in a career in the information technology field to pursue IT training and certifications. While the jobs are abundant, most companies require employees to have proper training and certifications when deciding who to bring in for an interview.

At Carolina Career College, we offer IT programs for Security and Network Infrastructure Specialist, Systems Administrator, Network and Systems Specialist and Desktop Support Technician. With these programs, we offer training for a number of IT certifications to help you further your experience and develop your skills.

If you would like to jumpstart your IT career, let’s talk about your goals and determine the best path for you. We are here to help you take the next step toward your IT career!

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