An IT Career May Be Right for You!

IT Industry Trade Association CompTIA has released some new Information Technology employment figures, and they are more than impressive. Not only is the number of IT jobs plentiful, but the growth rate continues to well outpace other industries.

In 2010, 7% of all jobs created nationwide were in IT. Today in 2015, that number is 15% – more than doubling in just five years.

The nationwide unemployment rate as of May 2015 is 5.5%. In Information Technology it is 2%.

The unemployment rate for veterans in North Carolina is 8.5%, and in Information Technology it is 2%.

A survey of 5,000 U.S. households shows a job satisfaction rate of 45%. Among those who have obtained IT certifications, 76% are satisfied with their personal job growth.

For growth and satisfaction, Information Technology is pacing to drive the American economy for some time to come.

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