Raleigh Is Second Easiest City To Find A Job

downtown Raleigh

It’s not the first time Raleigh has appeared on a “Best of” list, but this one will certainly be welcome news for job seekers.  Using rankings based on the population of each metropolitan area in the United States compared to the number of job listings for the area, Forbes has determined Raleigh is the second easiest place to find a job in America.  The easiest place to find a job is San Jose, CA.

Did you know the top two have something in common?

San Jose is in the heart of California’s Silicon Valley, while Raleigh borders Research Triangle Park, the Silicon Valley of the East.  Areas of the country that have invested heavily in technology are reaping the rewards.  Each regularly has more tech job listings than qualified applicants, a trend that should continue with specific areas such as cybersecurity showing rapid growth.

The past few years has seen companies making significant investments in the Raleigh area local economy.   Citrix built new offices in the warehouse district of downtown Raleigh, and has already outgrown their space.  The bright color of Red Hat’s roof dots the skyline and the increased demand of Open Source and Linux indicates a bright future for the company.  Research Triangle Park continues to be the base of major U.S. operations of major tech companies including Cisco, IBM, NetApp, and Lenovo, which houses its American headquarters in Morrisville, NC.

For comparison purposes, Raleigh has 121 jobs per 1,000 residents, based on 2014 data compared to Miami (ranked the worst city in which to find a job), with just 27 job postings for every 1,000 residents.

With an increasing number of tech companies relying on IT certifications as part of their recruiting process, certification training and career placement services are proving to be more and more valuable in the marketplace.

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