Raleigh One of World’s Best Cities to Launch Career

downtown Raleigh

You’ve likely heard about the many lists Raleigh shows up on.

Best Place to Live.  Best City for Jobs. Best Retirement City.  Most Innovative Tech Hub.  Best City for Raising a Family.

You can never get enough good news, and we had to smile when we caught this week’s ranking courtesy of HubSpot:

Raleigh is the 7th best city to launch a career.

7th best, you say?  That’s all?

7th best…in the world.

Criteria included “more entry-level job opportunities, higher incomes, better quality of life, and lower cost of living.”

When you combine one of the “World’s Best Cities to Launch a Career with “2nd Best City for Tech Job Creation”, well…launching an IT career sounds like a pretty good idea, don’t ya think?


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