Security Breaches Lead to Increasing Demand For Cybersecurity Jobs

Home Depot.  Target.  PF Chang’s.  Michaels.  Ebay.  The list of companies affected by a data breach in the past year grows longer and longer and it seems not a week goes by without another incident.

Padlock – Cybersecurity JobsAs if its rocky start weren’t bad enough, has now experienced a security intrusion. This has prompted the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee to hold a hearing this week to explore cybersecurity and terrorism.  Just how important is cybersecurity to the United States?  In eWeek, a CIA cybersecurity specialist argues that “the United States needs some 30,000 technical cybersecurity workers, essentially hackers.” In January, the 2014 Cisco Annual Security Report projected a 500,000 to 1,000,000 person global shortage in the number of IT security professionals that public and private sector organizations will need to cope with the security challenges of the future.

Cybersecurity isn’t just an issue of some individuals getting their identity stolen or a few CEOs losing their jobs, although that would be ominous enough. It is a matter of national security – with the integrity of high level systems and operations at stake.  These recent and ongoing breaches have significantly increased the demand for cybersecurity professionals and there are more cybersecurity jobs available than qualified applicants. Therefore, cybersecurity is expected to be one of the highest in demand career fields over the next decade.

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Michael Buckenberger – Vice President of Admissions

Michael Buckenberger

VP/Admissions, Carolina Career College Career Development Center


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