Cyber Security  – Are You Protected?

It just happened again – no, not the breach of more than four million federal employees, whose data may have been compromised by Chinese hackers (that news was so last week)…this week the U.S. Army revealed their official site was compromised.

Companies are rushing to find ways to protect their data – just look at what happens at an organization when e-mail goes down. It’s like we never knew how to get anything done without the internet. Protecting the data of a company’s employees is one thing – protecting its customers is another thing entirely and can be linked to a company’s profitability or even survival.

Target was hit hard during the 2013 Christmas season, when as many as 110 million Target customers had their credit card information taken, quarterly profits fell 46%, and the CEO was shown the door. At Home Depot, 56 million customer credit and debit cards were ripped off as well as 53 million customer e-mail addresses.

Target and Home Depot are two of the highest profile breaches, but they are hardly the only ones. There was the Sony Playstation Network in 2011, the National Archive and Records Administration in 2008, Anthem Health Care in 2015, Living Social in 2013…and the list goes on and on. According to a study commissioned by Experian, 43% of organizations said they experienced a 2014 data breach involving the loss or theft of more than 1,000 records containing sensitive or confidential customer of business information within the past two years.

What does this mean for Information Security job growth? The U.S. Department of Labor reports the median salary for an Information Security Analyst is $86,170 and is growing at a rate of 37%. A Computer and Information Systems Manager makes a median salary of $120,950 with an also impressive 15% growth rate.

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