The 3 Ways a Veteran Changed His Life

This is Zachary Stith.  He served in the U.S. Army, retired as a proud veteran, then transitioned back into civilian life jumping from retail job to retail job.

Zach Stith

This didn’t exactly match up with Zach’s long term career goals.

Life change #1: The Open House

The first step Zach took in changing his life was attending a Carolina Career College Open House/IT Career Seminar in Fayetteville, NC.  Now empowered with new information including how the veteran unemployment rate in North Carolina is less than half the state average, Zach made the decision to enroll in IT career training right on the spot.

Life change #2: The Internship

Students at Carolina Career College, including veterans like Zach, are given the opportunity to apply for internships on campus during which they receive valuable hands-on training and career advice.  Regarding this experience, Zach says, “As opportunities showed themselves, I grabbed each one I could.  Everything is what you make it. I learned as much as I could, and took advantage of the learning tools Carolina Career College provides. The internship was easily the best thing to happen to my IT career. Jonathan is a great teacher and mentor. I learned to take something useful from everything you come in contact with.”

Life change #3: The Job Opportunity

Zach attended an on-campus Career Fair in October, 2015, where video game company Ubisoft was recruiting students.  He started working at Ubisoft just a couple weeks later.

We have great admiration for all veterans who served our country, and tremendous admiration for Zach.  He realized early on that success can only fully be achieved by taking advantage of opportunities provided and regularly demonstrating a strong work ethic – traits he surely learned in the Army.

Zach adds, “Every student does have a story and they are real life. We are not just stories on the radio. We make Carolina Career College what we need it to be. We spend our off time with our nose in books and learning forums. We struggle and push ourselves past what we thought was possible. Open your mind, read the text, and do what needs to be done. This is your life. Make it what you want and end up happy.”

Carolina Career College is proud to be a military and veteran-friendly school and accepts GI Bill funding.







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