The Secret To Your Success

Michael Chadwick

This picture of Michael Chadwick was taken on his first day of class at Carolina Career College in August, 2014.  I just got off the phone with Michael, and he told me a story that I have to share with you.

It’s not that Michael didn’t have a good job – he did.  As a sales representative for a phone company in Jacksonville, NC, Michael made a good living by most accounts.  In fact, there was further opportunity with that company – but Michael couldn’t stop thinking about his future.

A mentor told Michael about Carolina Career College, and perhaps it was worth looking into.  As is often the case in sales, Michael had a fear of burnout and was concerned about the long-term prospects of his position.  Sure, he was doing just fine, but who would be the next upstart to replace him and what new skills would he be able to acquire?

Michael called Admissions Representative Tom Buckenberger at Carolina Career College and training for an IT career sounded really intriguing except for the fact that Carolina Career College was in Research Triangle Park and Michael lived a little over two hours away in Jacksonville.

Taking an incredible leap of faith, Michael endured the grueling commute, took his classes, and admittedly lost some faith in the midst of the program.  Ultimately deciding to stick with it, he began intensely focusing on opportunities, going on interviews, and landing an internship at Xerox.  Less than two months later, Michael was hired by Phoenixx Systems to work as a PC Tech at one of the largest financial companies in America.  He told me how excited he was about the opportunity and says things are going “really well.”  I could hear his enthusiasm through the receiver.

Before ending the conversation, Michael wanted to give a shout out to two members of the Carolina Career College team – the previously mentioned Tom in Admissions, who he says convinced him to never give up when he was ready to quit. He also added special recognition for Tasha Mason in Career Services, who he says worked diligently to help find him a position in the field.

When I asked what advice he would give to prospective students, Michael said, “Come ready to work. Take initiative. You’re provided the opportunity but you can’t wait for others to do it for you.”

This is a common refrain from successful Carolina Career College graduates – the program is challenging, but has an incredible track record of success for those with a positive attitude and initiative.

That, in anything you do, may just be the secret to your success.

Jay Nachlis


Carolina Career College

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