The State of North Carolina Technology


Each year, the North Carolina Technology Association releases the State of Technology Industry Report. This report drills down into the factors driving the industry in the state.  You can gather insight as to where the industry is heading based on the findings.  Here are some of the highlights from this year’s report:

First and foremost, the state of the technology in North Carolina is strong and impressive growth is forecast. Over the past five years, North Carolina has the 6th highest tech employment growth rate in the country.  Futhermore, 7.9% growth is projected between now and 2020.

As of 2014, over 228,000 people were employed in North Carolina’s tech industry.  This accounts for 5.6% of all jobs in the state but nearly 11% of total wage earnings and sales.  This is driven by a robust average earnings figure for each worker in the industry of $105,675.  When you include technical positions outside the tech industry, the number of people employed in tech in North Carolina is 265,000.

Many tech companies have launched programs encouraging more women to work in the IT industry, and it seems to be paying off in North Carolina. NC leads the nation in percentage of its tech workforce made up of women (36.4%).

The North Carolina Technology industry leads the nation in percentage of female workers.

North Carolina ranks among the Top 15 states in the following categories:

  • Technology Sector Employment Growth
  • Average Annual Wage for Technology Sector Employees with Purchasing Power
  • IT Employment Growth
  • Percentage of Women in the Technology Workforce
  • Patents Issued
  • Higher Education Research and Development as a percentage of GDP
  • Completed Tech & STEM Education Programs

Growth patterns and innovation trends in the state show North Carolina well poised for a strong 2016.  Many careers in Information Technology in North Carolina are expected to continue to have a higher than average number of unfilled positions thanks to a shortage of skilled employees.

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