The Value of Cisco’s CCNA Certification in IT Training

Cisco’s CCNA certification is one of the most valued and sought-after accreditations businesses today want prospective IT workers to have, and for several reasons. First, the Cisco Certified Network Associate title proves that an applicant has the knowledge base and skill set needed to pass the required exams. Secondly, it’s also the first certification a worker must have before other Cisco certificates can even be attempted.

Network CablesCCNA certification means a worker understands netmasks, routing, switching, VLANS and more. Plus, companies who are partners of Cisco have more incentive to hire people already certified by Cisco, as explained by Quora contributor Leonid Knyshov.

With more and more companies searching specifically for Cisco-certified employees, those pursuing an IT career should consider CCNA certification as among their top training options. At Carolina Career College, we train students every day to prepare them for the CCNA and other network certifications — learn more here.

Social Recruiting for #CCNA

You know by now that the tech community loves social networks, particularly Twitter. Now, not only are industry professionals sharing new information across the social platform, recruiters are actually utilizing Twitter to find networking specialists for hire using the #CCNA hashtag. This shows exactly how popular and prominent the Cisco certification is, and also reinforces the growing demand that exists for IT professionals who are working to achieve it.

CCNA Certification is a Basic Requirement

IT professionals today should consider CCNA training if they haven’t already. As T.D. Sims, another Quora contributor, writes, “The CCNA is the industry standard. It’s the first stepping stone needed for many other certifications that will definitely improve your salary.” Today, the CCNA indicates that a candidate is qualified and knowledgeable right out of the gate — something that captures the attention of recruiters and HR departments, alike.

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