Why Is It So Hard To Get A Job?

The Labor Department released figures earlier this year showing that job openings were at a 14-year high.  Forbes recently named Raleigh the “Second Easiest City To Find A Job”.

If this is true, why is it so difficult to get one?  Here are a few reasons, according to CBS Moneywatch:

Not all jobs posted will be filled. Sometimes businesses post jobs with no intention of actually filling them. They’re looking for applicants to put in their files so that they have a supply of candidates when a job does open up. Sometimes, positions are posted, but then internal changes remove the need to fill them. Sometimes, job openings are real, but a company promotes someone internally, and then post that vacancy. That can make it look like two jobs are open, but the company is really hiring only one person.

People are trained for the wrong things. Where are the new jobs? They include Network and Computer System Administrator, Software and Application Developer, Industrial Engineer, and Physical Therapist.  Are you in a job of the past or positioned for a stable career for the long-term?

Carolina Career College and Lenovo Partnership provides job preparation training

Systems Administrator is one of the hottest jobs of 2015.

Talk directly to decision makers.  We’ve had many students come through our doors that completed degrees in fields such as Computer Science or even attempted to obtain certifications on their own.  Even with experience and/or skill validation, getting in front of recruiters and hiring managers can be difficult without the proper networking.

Many of these things are easier said than done.  That’s why Carolina Career College offers training for IT certifications companies are looking for, as well as providing career placement assistance that includes putting students in front of hiring managers actively seeking new talent.

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