Why Should I Get Certifications?

IT Professionals

Whether you’re already working in IT, or considering a career in IT, a certification can be the key to new opportunities and higher salaries. There are almost 1 million open IT positions in the U.S. and certifications make a great first impression.  96% of HR managers use IT certifications as screening or hiring criteria during recruitment.  In today’s job market, hiring managers use certifications to:

·         Assess the skills and knowledge of a candidate.

·         Save time and resources to evaluate candidates.

·         Confirm knowledge gains.

·         Support professional development.

·         Match the need of professional training.

“The person with the certification is the one who is going to get hired.” – Robert Blanchard, director of support services, Aspen Skiing Co.

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Students/Career Changers

IT Drives Our Global Economy

Despite their differences on the surface, virtually every industry today depends on IT. From small, family-run businesses to big corporations, there are IT careers in almost every organization around the globe.  ​Indeed.com estimates that there are almost 2,000,000 unfilled IT jobs globally in a variety of industries. Besides having low unemployment levels, IT jobs pay well with salaries that are significantly higher than the national average. The outlook is good, too: According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the availability of IT jobs is projected to grow by 17% through 2022.

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Certifications are one of the most important qualifications that help employers evaluate a potential employee’s IT skills. In an ever-changing IT industry, the skills IT professionals need to do their job well are constantly evolving. Do your employees have the right skills to make your IT department shine?

Certifications Turn Professionals Into ​Experts

Certifications validate the skills your IT team needs. They are proven to help employees better understand technologies, gain problem-solving skills, and be more productive and effective.  Certifications not only simplify the hiring process by ​confirming knowledge and skills, they also map to specific job roles. ​A certified job candidate ​can become a valuable contributor to your team immediately.  Adding certifications to your business is a critical component of success. A recent study conducted by IDC found that CompTIA professionals outperformed non-certified staff in factors such as knowledge, job performance, reliability and proficiency.

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Securing, protecting and defending digital information in a world that is facing constantly evolving cyber-threats has become one of the greatest challenges in IT.  Certifications enable you to join a cybersecurity workforce that will master current challenges and anticipate future threats.

As an IT certified professional, you can:

·         Ensure your skills and expertise are validated.

·         Identify and fill knowledge gaps.

·         Prepare for emerging cyber-threats.

·         Remain current on technology advancements.

·         Comply with government IT skills mandates.

·         Reach job proficiency more quickly.

Carolina Career College offers certifications that map to DOD 8570.  As a military friendly school approved by the VA, Carolina Career College can accept GI Bill funding for IT certification training and career placement opportunities.


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