Working This Weekend? Why?

you-get-a-job-so-you-can-afford-to-have-a-lifeIt’s no fun working weekends in Autumn.

The official first day of Fall is next Wednesday, September 23rd, and this weekend’s weather forecast is indicative of why so many people love the season. With temperatures in the Raleigh-Durham area predicted to top out in the mid-80s, abundant sunshine, and cool nights perfect for roasting marshmallows, the thought of working probably makes your skin crawl.

According to New York-based non-profit group the Conference Board, 52.3% of American workers are unhappy with their jobs. Think about that. Every day, more than half the people in the United States go to work, where they likely spend more time than with their family, and don’t like it.

The reasons for such a dreary numbers include job security (or lack thereof), dissatisfaction with their superior, underappreciation, and no opportunity for growth.

Amazingly, there’s a field that has so many jobs available that it lacks enough qualified talent – Information Technology. More and more tech companies are requiring IT certifications in their hiring decisions – opening the door to candidates that don’t necessarily have a degree in the computer field.

The existence of such an opportunity for long-term career and income growth should give pause to those that are unhappy with their current path – and certainly for those who have to go to work this weekend while so many IT employees enjoy the Fall.

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