Breaking Down Stereotypes about IT Careers for Veterans

Federal statistics show that military veterans often have a higher unemployment rate compared to non-veterans. According to The Conversation, this may be due to stereotypes both from hiring managers and from veterans on misconceptions about their post-military job qualifications.

The article states, “Veterans fall prey to their own misconceptions about certain types of jobs, and miss out on promising opportunities.” Oftentimes, veterans believe they are unqualified for a career in IT, or have a misunderstanding about the wide variety of jobs that are available in the IT industry.

At Carolina Career College, we are working to break down these stereotypes by helping veterans smoothly transition from the military into a rewarding career in IT. GI education benefits can pay for the total cost of tuition and fees, eliminating the need for a loan.

We have a proven track record helping military veterans better understand the IT industry, helping them to utilize the skills they developed while serving our country to transition to a new career. See what some former veterans have to say about their experience transitioning to the IT field with Carolina Career College.

As The Conversation says, “Through a coordinated effort, we can break down barriers to IT careers one stereotype at a time.” That’s exactly what we’re working to do.

Read the full article at The Conversation.

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