Military Appreciation Month: Why We Celebrate

According to, the U.S. Congress designated May as National Military Appreciation Month (NMAM) in 1999 to ensure the nation was given the opportunity to publicly demonstrate their appreciation for the sacrifices and successes made by our service members. May was chosen as Military Appreciation Month because it already contains the most recognized days for our military’s service and achievements, including Loyalty Day (1st), VE Day (8th), Military Spouse Appreciation Day (12th), Armed Forces Day (20th), and Memorial Day (29th).

To commemorate National Military Appreciation Month, each year the president makes a proclamation to remind Americans of the important role the U.S. Armed Forces plays in our history, our growth and the protection of our great country. According to, this month allows Americans to educate each generation on the historical impact of our military through the participation of the community with those who serve encouraging patriotism and love for America.

Throughout the month, the U.S. expresses appreciation to those on active duty in all branches of our armed services, the National Guard and Reserve, veterans and all the military families. That’s well over 90 million Americans to thank! provides a detailed list of ways to participate in thanking our servicemembers and their families here. Some of our favorite ideas include: sending cards to hospitalized veterans, interviewing military personnel for your business publications (Have you seen our interviews? Click here to read them!), and display the American flag on your website and/or outside of your building.

As we celebrate Military Appreciation Month this May, Carolina Career College continues to show gratitude to our servicemen and women as they return home. We are proud to provide career assistance for our exiting military as they seek to start a new Information Technology career. In fact, we have a successful track record of helping veterans transition, often helping them get placed in new careers with military friendly employers. Interested in learning how the GI Bill education benefits work? Click here to download your free guide!

Finally, our friends at have also compiled a list of Military Appreciation Month discounts for all servicemembers, military family members and veterans. Please share this list with them and join us in saying “Thank you for your service to our country!”

military appreciation month
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