Carolina Career College Celebrates 18 Years in Business!



This year, Carolina Career College is proudly celebrating 18 years in business as one of the Triangle’s leading IT training schools. It’s been a wonderful journey so far and we can’t wait to see where the next 18 years – and beyond – take our school and our students.

It has been our pleasure to serve the local North Carolina community for the past 18 years. Our city and surrounding areas have grown and changed so much. It really has been exciting for us to witness and be a part of it all. We will continue to provide the best possible product we can and are looking forward to another 18 years of tech innovation and community support. – Scott Aaron – CEO 

Some of our greatest accomplishments over the last 18 years

 Helping students achieve their dreams

 We’re proud of a lot, but nothing is better than knowing that we’ve helped many students transition to a fulfilling career in IT since we opened our doors back in 2001. It’s the driving force behind everything we do and how we measure our success. If our students aren’t learning the skills they need to develop an IT career, we’re not doing our jobs.

Developing meaningful programs for success

Over the past nearly two decades, we’ve developed four core IT programs to make becoming an IT professional as smooth a transition as possible:

  • Security and Network Infrastructure Specialist, which helps students prepare for work in network administration with an emphasis in security.
  • Systems Administrator, which focuses on operating systems and server administration.
  • Network and Systems Specialist, which helps students to specialize in network administration.
  • Desktop Support Technician, which prepares students for the installation and maintenance of network hardware, operating systems, and software.

Our students have worked their way through these programs on their path to new career opportunities that may not have been possible without the help of Carolina Career College.

Helping our students succeed beyond the classroom

Early on, we realized that classroom programs would only go so far in helping our students successfully transition to a new career. As a result, we developed our lifetime Career Services, which gives our students access to resume writing, interview coaching, and career placement assistance for as long as they need it. We’re committed to our students’ ongoing success and we’re here to help as much as we can.

Growing our reputation among students

 Hands down, our favorite part of our journey over the past 18 years has been developing meaningful relationships with our students. They’re more than just a face in the classroom to us, and based on feedback from our students, it shows!

“All of the staff – they are wonderful. They welcome you no matter what. They’re always helpful. It definitely changed my life coming here. It gave me a new outlook on life.”  – Uriah F.

“My time here at the school has been fantastic. The teachers are really, really wonderful.”

– Timothy S.

“My experience here has been great. All of the instructors are connected to the field. They have been very supportive.”  – Karen P.

What comes next?

First, we celebrate! A lot of hard work has gone into these last 18 years and we’re going to commemorate it by having the same passion and growth that many of our students show.  

Seeing the positive outcome of our students is what keeps us driving to deliver the training we have become known for. We are committed to evolving and growing our community as so many of our students have done and continue to do. “ –Erin Keeter 

Then, we’ll get right back to doing what we do best: working with our students as they develop the knowledge and skills they need to start their IT careers.

Thank you to everyone who has been part of our journey and contributed to our success over the years. We can’t wait for what comes next!

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