Tech Jobs are Thriving

It’s no surprise that with an exponentially growing understanding of what technology has to offer for society, that jobs in this industry are thriving. Noted among almost every career outlook and trend report, information technology (IT) is one of the fastest growing industries in the world.


Since 2016, the technology market grew by 2%, employing over 7.3 million people in one year alone (USA Today). Jobs in cybersecurity, software and network analytics lead the wave of IT jobs that are in some of the highest demand this country has seen in years.


Before tech jobs were on the rise, it may have been hard to find employment based on your state or city. However, IT jobs aren’t affected by location, as statistics are showing increasing tech positions opening up all over the country. In fact, it was recently announced that over 200 jobs in technology will be coming to Wake County through the company Conduent, Inc.


Technology is only continuing to grow and impact our economy more and more. “If anything, we should expect even more demand for tech jobs. If you retrain and re-skill millions of folks already in the field with tech skills that are as important as high school and college graduates,” stated Dennis Yang, the CEO of a company.

Read the full article about thriving tech jobs on USA Today’s website, as well as more information about new technology jobs coming to The Triangle on The News & Observer website.

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tech jobs are thriving
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