Backing up your data is inexpensive, often surprisingly so – whereas the cost of not backing up to multiple sources can be extremely costly, especially if losing the data could be catastrophic personally or professionally.

While learning about networking, instructors at Carolina Career College of Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill-Fayetteville regularly tell their students to backup their own data, as much of what they’ll do in their career involves data protection for others.  Here are some things to consider to insure that your laptop or desktop can be restored.

  • Get an external backup drive.  An external drive with 1TB of storage capacity ranges from $50-75 on Amazon.  This is how much it cost for a drive with half the space just a few short years ago. It’s as easy as plugging into your USB and copying your data onto the drive.
  • Cloud storage.  You’ll find that many cloud services offer a certain amount of free storage, including iCloud, Google Drive, and Dropbox.  Amazon Prime members can upload photos for free and and can purchase an annual unlimited subscription.
  • Flash Drive.  Simple and super cheap, utilize this as another source to keep documents on.

With your data saved in multiple locations, you’ll always be protected for little up front, and will be thankful you took the time and made the investment down the road.

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