Follow the Clues When Choosing IT Certificates

Maintaining a computer career can be a complicated affair. In addition to constantly fine-tuning a resume and possibly seeking out new positions, tech professionals have to make sure they are properly trained in applicable topics. Someone looking for an IT job 5 years ago had very different things to think about compared to their present-day counterparts, and those who couldn’t stay on top of their certificates most likely fell behind.

This is likely due to the confusing nature of tech certificates. Given that technology is constantly evolving, how are people supposed to confidently know what’s going to be relevant and where things are heading? What skills are going to make prospective employees really stand out?

computer electronics board“Knowing which certification will help elevate your career or land a job is not only difficult, it’s different among different facets of IT,” wrote NetworkWorld contributor Sharon Florentine. “Also, the best-known certifications aren’t necessarily the ones that will help you succeed. In fact, analysts warn that some certification vendors can throw enough money into promotion of their certifications to move the engagement needle, making the choice of which certification to choose even more difficult.”

What it really boils down to is paying attention to the changing trends. Consider some aspects of technology like security that will always be critical to enterprise operations. There is also a great deal of attention surrounding assets like cloud computing. There is sure to be a place for the cloud in enterprises of the future, and understanding this will be important to growing a career.

Following the Raises

One way to examine what’s in demand is to look at annual salary increases. As certain kinds of work become more important, the pay rate for specific professionals is likely to go up. IT security jobs have the highest projected growth rate, according to the report. According to NetworkWorld, there will be a 37 increase in jobs in that field by 2022. But these jobs will only be available to those individuals who can demonstrate modern worth, and having the right certificates is more important than ever for potential IT employees.

IT Certifications Gaining Greater Merit

Those in charge of hiring within enterprises see a great deal of resumes every day. Having a tech degree alone is not going to automatically guarantee a job offer. It takes a flexible professional who is constantly updating his or her skills, and modern certificates are an incredible way to showcase their traits.

“The value of technical certifications for business is greater than ever,” said CompTIA CEO Todd Thibodeaux. CompTIA certification is a great way to get one’s foot in the door when on the IT job hunt. “Academic credentials validate that you have the classroom knowledge associated with the job you are applying for, but that book learning will only take you so far.”

But knowing which training to go after is not always the easiest choice. Tech can be unpredictable and has a way of changing almost overnight. It is important to pay attention to what industries are in growing need of IT work and what technologies have demonstrated longevity – potential or otherwise. Having a variety of relevant certificates is one of the best ways to keep a career on the right path.

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